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Welcome to our 
Ballet school

Our dance school is about more than just dancing. 
Namely the expression of body and soul.

Even before a child begins to speak, dance and movement is a very intuitive, playful part of personal expression.

Dancing - this is the language of the body and soul, the physical expression of inner emotions and sensations.

Therefore, our doors are open to anyone who wants to learn this language.

The only requirement that our beginners and learners have to have: Enthusiasm and interest!

We offer everything else: passion and a professional approach with a sophisticated pedagogical concept is the guiding principle in our dance school, which offers access to the wonderful world of movement.

Whether you are a child or an adult, let us take you on a journey that may reveal new and unexpected abilities.

In addition to the ballet school, the focus is not only on ballet, but on a variety of dance styles, such as modern dance, belly dance, improvisation, hip-hop or jazz - we offer the opportunity to get to know all these aspects of dance in a carefree way.

We look forward to your visit.

Ballettschule Unterschleißheim Dance Arts Academy

Register for a course. Trial lessons are free.

course list

  • Baby Ballet

  • Childrens Ballet

  • Adult Ballet (Beginner to Advanced

  • Stage practice/character dance

  • Contemporary Dance

  • Intuitive Improvisation

  • Jazz/hip hop minis

  • jazz

  • Hip hop

  • Barre Powerful

  • Barre Graceful

  • Pilates

  • Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

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