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We are proud on our versatility.

Baby Ballet

early dance education

Movement is a natural basic need of children.

Hopping, jumping, running, turning, clapping, as well as promoting creativity in an age-appropriate manner are part of early dance education.


Through first experiences with rhythm, music and movement, the gross and fine motor skills are playfully trained and the youngest dance students learn their bodies and the perception of space with fun and joy.

Tanzische  Early education has a positive effect on your child's self-esteem and development.


Communicating the joy of dancing is particularly important to us.



Classic ballet training is considered the ideal basis for any other style of dance.


In a friendly environment, muscles and body awareness are strengthened and posture, coordination and balance are improved.

This also has a positive effect on the quality of movement in everyday life.


In addition, the training strengthens the personality:

Ballet teaches patience and confidence in ones own abilities.

Due to the wide range of ballet lessons for different levels of difficulty and age groupsthere is a suitable hour for everyone– whether you are a beginner of any age, returning or experienced dancer.


stage practice/
Character Dance 

In this lesson the students findtheir individual freedom within dance technique.

In small choreographies, they learn to express technical movements and take them to a new level.


hip hop

The term Hip-Hop describes a street culture originally from America, which has developed its own genre of music, art and dance.

The lesson begins with a warm-up session to hip music and basic movements (basics), which are used to learn hip-hop own technique. Nonchalance with simultaneous precision.

Each hour is rounded off by rehearsing a choreography in which what has been learned is put to practical use and also the Expression plays a central role.


Because hip-hop is not just a dance style, but a way of life.

Mini hip hop/jazz
(5-8 years)

In this lesson, the basics of hip-hop and jazz are taught and the children learn to dance their first choreographies.

Body awareness, coordination, posture and the ability to concentrate are strengthened.

The children develop a feeling for rhythm to popular music and go home with a smile.



From lyrical, slow dances to show musicals and rock&roll.

The class begins with an intensive warm-up in the middle, which trains the technique of jazz dance as well as coordination and body awareness.


This is followed by exercises to strengthen the muscles and flexibility.

Each lesson is rounded off by rehearsing a choreography, in which the differentiation of different movement qualities is discussed and in which what has been learned is put to practical use.


In this lesson, the improvement of your own dancing skills and a good mood are guaranteed!

Modern Dance Leap


Barre Powerful is a Full body workout based on elements of ballet and bodyweight exercises.


The muscles (abdomen, legs and buttocks in particular) are trained in a targeted manner and endurance, balance and coordination are improved at the same time.


The first part is dedicated to an intensive training that focuses on the upper body, the core and the deep muscles.

The body is perfectly tightened and shaped.


In the second part of the hour, the whole body is extensively stretched. Stretching relieves tension, helps to let go and relax. In this hour you will sweat, you will go to your limits, but of course the fun will not be neglected!

Triba Fusion Bauchtanz

Tribal fusion belly dance

As a variant of belly dance, Tribal Fusion Bellydance combines hypnotic, meandering movements rapid accents in the hips and core.


These inner-physical isolation movements are combined with elements of other types of dance (such as hip-hop and jazz dance) using contemporary music.


The tribal fusion dance technique promotes intensive body awareness and increases deep muscular fitness.


Costumes and choreographies are as varied as the belly dance fusion itself: sometimes glittering in an oriental way, like in the Arabian Nights, sometimes archaic, like in a shamanic incantation.


Freedom for individual expression is guaranteed!



Contemporary dance encompasses a whole range of contemporary stage dance forms with a wide variety of influences such as modern dance, martial arts, urban dance and acrobatics.

Contemporary dance is characterized by a great deal of freedom.

In addition to various combinations, improvisation and floorwork are part of the lessons.


Pilates is a holistic body workout that trains the deep abdominal and back muscles in particular, as well as the pelvic floor.

The training includes strength, coordination and balance exercises, as well as exercises for coordination, mobilization and flexibility in connection with conscious breathing.

Through the use of small equipment, such as dumbbells, Theraband, softball, etc., and the fluently merging movements, a varied lesson plan is created.


Pilates promotes an upright posture, relieves tension and ensures a healthy body feeling and is also popular with dancers as a balance and support.

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